Iowa City

Class fees are due and payable the first lesson of each month.

1) Continuing Service Fee / Recital Fee *
due upon enrollment
$50 ($25/$25*) per student (Includes 2 complimentary tickets)
$65 ($40/$25*) per family (Includes 2 complimentary tickets)
Deluxe Student Option: ($25/$50) per student (includes 4 complimentary tickets)
Deluxe Family Option: ($40/$65) per Family (includes 4 complimentary tickets)
Continuing service/Recital fee is non-refundable and nontransferable.

2) Tuition-based on 29 classes per year and one week of dress rehearsal.
Class fees ....................... Monthly .... Annually
30 minutes ....................... $38.00 ...... $324.00
40-45 minutes .................. $40.00 ...... $342.00
50-60 minutes .................. $42.00 ...... $360.00
Rising Star.........................$90.00 ....... $810.00
(Up to 3 classes weekly)
Star Student ..................... $140.00…...$1260.00
(Up to 5 classes weekly)
Star Family ....................... $165.00 .... $1485.00
(Up to 6 classes weekly)
Additional Star classes each..$30.00 ..... $270.00

3) Costume fee per class - one costume for each
class in which student is registered. Cost is added
to tuition in 9 equal payments.
$63.00 for sizes 4-6/ 6X-7/ 8-10 including tax
($7.00 per month)
$73.00 for LC/ SA/ MA/ LA including tax
($8 per month)
$76.50 for XLA & up including tax
($8.50 per month)

Continuing Service Fee/ Recital Fee due upon registration,
not part of any plan

**All Plans require auto deduction from a credit card or
bank account. (No debit cards please.)
Plan #1 / Monthly payments of entire annual cost divided
into 9 equal payments
Annual class tuition fee
+ costume fee (fees based on size & # of classes)
= Total annual cost for 9 months
Total annual cost divided by 9 = your monthly payment.
9 payments run September-May

Plan #2 / Pay all tuition and costume fees at the
time of registration before September 15th and
receive 10% off complete payment, in the form of a gift
certificate to be used in the dance shop anytime before the

Caution: This payment is for the dancer who is
sure this class will work out for the entire year .
Read the terms carefully.
Notify us in writing immediately that your child will no longer be
Dancing. Your costume fees will be credited upon
receiving written notice if before November 1. If cancellation
occurs by the 10th of the month, we will discontinue billing immediately and if after the 10th we will discontinue the next
month. We reserve the right to withhold refunds after November 1st.

1. A continuing service fee/standard or deluxe recital feeper family is due upon registration. The service fee portion is due annually, and is non-refundable and non-transferable.
2. Class fees are auto billed the first of the month. The monthly rate has been calculated by dividing your yearly tuition, costumes and
fees for 30 weeks into 9 monthly payments. Each monthly fee will be the same regardless of the number of lessons in that month.
3. A 10% late fee will be applied to your entire unpaid account balance if payment is unable to process by the 10th of the
month. Late fees will be cumulative.
4. There are no refunds for missed lessons. Make-up classes are available as an option but not required. Make up within one month’s
time of your absence. There are no make-ups available the month of April.
5. To cancel your contract you must notify us in writing with 30 days notice:
6. Costume fees will be refunded with the receipt of written notice only before November 1 with a $0 balance
7. Drops after Feb 1st result in remaining tuition due in full.
8. We want to take a personal interest in each student. If there are any medical problems, we would appreciate knowing. Also, if there
are any concerns, please feel free to contact your teacher.
9. All students are expected to follow NDA Dress Code with correct shoes for each class. (See dress code on website.)
10. Winter Weather Policy; NDA will not follow the ICCSD winter weather decisions. We will decide by 2 PM any day in question.
Call the office or check the website/Facebook for the latest information on winter weather cancellations for dance class.
11. All students will participate in our annual spring recital. You will be notified in November of the costume size we will be ordering
your dancer. It is your responsibility to notify us if a costume should not be ordered. (See #6)
12. Any pictures/videos taken by studio become property of National Dance Academy.