Choose NDA

August 24, 2015
National Dance Academy is Ella's favorite dance place of all and your instructors were terrific. She especially liked Ashlynd and it was so appreciated that she understood that Ella had other things that were important too. You guys are top notch and we would recommend you to anybody looking for dance classes.

Thank you!
Kris Hochstetler

June 5, 2015
Hello Ashlynd,
Great season! I really enjoy what you and your entire staff do! Having watched a number of dancers for 7/8 years it's wonderful to see how they have progressed!

Thank you for what you have taught my daughter. As a proud father I enjoy watching her dance. I think she is slowly becoming comfortable with her abilities and I believe this year she was pushed harder and responded.

I appreciate what you do.
Mark Greb
I really enjoyed all the shows and thought you and your staff did a wonderful job running it all. A truly amazing feat. All the dancers looked so good and knew their roles. Most of all, I could feel the love in the room for you, Michael and your staff. The dancers no matter how old or young had a lot of passion and drive to do well. I was so impressed.

-Jamie Ankenbauer, May 2014

Dear Ashlynd and amazing staff,

Thank you for an incredible evening. Last night, as we pulled into the parking lot, Neala broke into tears (she was SO nervous!), but by the time intermission came, she left me in the dust on the way to the dressing rooms and to meet the room mom. After the finale (which was fabulous!) she looked at me and said, “I want to do that again!” Once we got home she said, “I want to take a million dance classes! I want to be the best dancer ever!”
Thank you for creating an environment where my child LOVES coming to your classes and where she wants to take “a million” classes with you.
While she currently loves Ashlynd and wants to take her classes forever, I know that anyone who teaches her will be amazing!
With sincerest gratitude for all you do!
Ginny Driscoll
As a Dance Mom of two accomplished dancers, whether your goal is to simply have fun and be a part of a team or make it to Broadway or become a university dance team member - competition helps with so many life skills. Jack become an accomplished debate team member in high school and went on to be highly active at the University of Iowa in student government and traveled frequently to DC on behalf of the University. He credits much of his confidence to his many years in dance competitions with Dance of Iowa and NDA... And of course we know Michael has trained Broadway stars and professional dancers for many years!! Good luck everyone and PARTICIPATE!! Xoxoxo
-Tammie Cumming