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Cirque Du Soleil here you come! Explore the latest fitness craze- Aerial Arts!
NDA offers two levels of Aerial classes- Fly Fitness and our Aerial Silks.

Fly Fitness is an amazing workout that synthesizes upper body strength with focus, power and grace. This class is so much fun you won't even realize you are working out. No aerial experience is required to join and drop ins and beginners are welcome!
This classes doesn't climb high on the ropes and is a work out based class rather than acrobatic.

Aerial Silks:
Aerial dance is the exciting new art form most notably seen in Cirque du Soleil. It combines the beauty of dance with the adrenaline of flight. At NDA, you will learn how to move your body through space in ways you've never imagined while developing core strength and flexibility.

We focus on making aerial fabrics safe and accessible for everyone. Learn how to create breath-taking performances in the air.

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Aerial Silks @ National Dance Academy!